Why do you Christian celebrate Palm Sunday?

Palm Sunday is a Feast Day in the Church's calendar set aside to commemorate Triumphant Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. Palm Sunday is the Sunday which ushers in Holy Week.

Palm Sunday is the beginning of the Holy Week and it is also known as Passion Sunday.

Christians on Palm Sunday assemble at the Church (within or outside) with Palm fronds for the Blessing of palm which is done before procession into the Church takes place. The Blessed palms are to be kept sacred as it will be returned to the church the following year for ASH WEDNESDAY

During the processions songs are sang and everyone proceeds to the Church for the Mass.

The Reading on Palm Sunday

The Reading on Palm Sunday is about the Life, Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The Gospel Reading which is usually read before the procession narrates how the Disciples went to get a donkey as requested by their master Jesus which he was to use to ride into Jerusalem.
After the Procession into the Church, The Priest begins the mass with the Collect (Short Prayer), After which the Readings and Responsorial Psalm is read.
The narrative of the Lords Passion is read without candles and without incense, with no greeting or signing of the book. It is read by a Deacon or, if there is no Deacon, by a Priest. It may also be read by readers, with the part of Christ, if possible, reserved to a priest. 

When is Palm Sunday for the year 2022?

10th April, 2022

When is Palm Sunday for the year 2023?

2nd April, 2023

When is Palm Sunday for the year 2024?

24th March, 2024

When is Palm Sunday for the year 2025?

13th April, 2025


* Palm Sunday comes up on the 6th Sunday of Lent. Which marks the beginning of Holy Week.

* Images and crucifix of Jesus Christ and Mary in the church are covered with purple linen or red a week prior to Palm Sunday.

* The Church is decorated with Palm Frond to signify the event which took place in Jerusalem when Jesus rode on a donkey into the city.

 * Color of the day (Vestment) is Red. The Altar is decorated with red and the Priest puts on red which signifies the passion and blood of Jesus Christ.

* Songs are sang during the procession into the Church which symbolizes the shouts of the Multitude who said "Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven and Glory in the highest".

Palm Sunday prepares us for Holy Week when we draw closer to God following him through his passion and death on the cross so we can bear witness to his Resurrection.

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