Dust you come, to Dust you shall return

All catholic church all over the world celebrates at least 2 masses to mark Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is practiced by Catholic in preparation for the Lenten season. Ash Wednesday is dated about 1000 years ago. Ash is normally given at the end of every mass.

Interesting facts you need to know about Ash Wednesday:

1. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent.

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. Lenten season is a period of Fasting, Prayer, Abstinence and Almsgiving.

2. Ash Wednesday is not a holy day of obligation

Ash Wednesday is enormously an important day in the church's year, and in our spiritual lives. It is rather surprising that it is not designated as a holy day of obligation. But the fact that so many people do come to Mass on Ash Wednesday without it being obligatory shows that the people of God, or at least a good number of us, are still able to discern what really matters.

3. Easter is used to calculate Ash Wednesday.

To know the date of Ash Wednesday for the year, Count 46 days before Easter for the year.

4. The Ash Placed on the Forehead on Ash Wednesday is made from palm used in the previous year of Palm Sunday.

On Palm Sunday of every Year, Everyone is encouraged to keep his/her palm safe as it is expected to be returned to church. The Palms are burnt which is the ASH we receive.

5. The Ash placed on the Forehead reminds us that we are DUST

The symbol of the ash reminds us that we are dust and to dust we would return. Genesis 3:19, For Dust you are, and to dust you would return. This passage thus gives reference to biblical justification.

6. Ash Wednesday cannot be traced to the bible

Ash Wednesday is a Doctrine in the church which is dated to the 11century and has been practiced every year up until today. Ash Wednesday is not recorded in the bible. The only passage that can be traced to this practice is Genesis 3:19.

7. Ash Wednesday calls for Abstinence from flesh meat/Fasting

Abstinence of flesh meat from mammals and poultry is a form of sacrifice. The Flesh meat and main foods which include beef, chicken, turkey, pork are prohibited. If you can, it's also important to Fast on Ash Wednesday.

8. You mustn't attend mass to receive ash.

Even though it is important to attend mass, If for any chance/reason you couldn't attend mass, you can receive ash from any parish close to you.

9. You do not need to be in state of Grace to receive Ash

That is to say, whether you are in state of Grace or not, Ash can be administered to you. Therefore you don't need to receive communion in order to get the ash.

10. Ash is not only for Catholics

practicing catholic or not, separated brethren or not. Children or Adults, Ash can be given to everyone on ash Wednesday.

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